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All the Resume templates below are in Microsoft word Format. After Downloading your Resume template, you shall customize it and integrate your education background, internships and experiences.

Resume Template

If you go to any search engine and write" Resume" or "Resume templates", you will find an impressive list of websites offering all kind of CV templates you can use for almost all situations, and you will also find experts advises… We are not trying to criticize those websites, because most of people looking for information on how to write a Resume will found the help they need. The only problem is that the help of the experts is chargeable, and not everybody can or wants to pay for such services. Besides, it is clearly not recommended to copy/paste the proposed samples. So, how to write a normal Resume? Have a look at our samples and model your own! There are several samples you can use, you only have to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Functional Resume:

When writing a Resume, you should concentrate on your multiple experiences. The chronology of your achievements is not a key point. The most important is to clearly organize all your experiences into categories and classify them so the reader will understand the information instantly when reading it. You shall categorize your professional experiences as well as your educational background. This kind of Resume is ideal for those who have various fields of experience. However, this cannot be simply applied in all situations and therefore it is necessary to also pay attention to some details.

Let's take the example of a real genius, besides his PDH in Mathematics he also has obtained a Master's degree in Economics and, at last but not least, a journalist diploma. Do not think this is just a fictitious situation, there are many persons on earth whose educational background could make you very envious. Let's get back to our genius, let's suppose that besides this incredible qualifications he also has relevant experience in each of the fields he studied. He will have to be extremely caution when writing his CV, especially if he chooses the Functional one. As the candidate can afford to describe those different periods in a very evasive manner, it is needed to organize the information so the recruiter will not be suspicious when reading it.

The first recommendation would be to avoid listing all your diplomas and all the previous jobs you may have, especially if you have many, and if there is no direct link between them and the position you are trying to obtain. Therefore, if our genius was looking for a position as a mathematician, he could eventually describe his experience in this particular field and in economics. According to the position is looking for and the functions he shall exercise, the candidate should choose which information could weigh in his favor.

When writing about academic background, it is important to mention first the diploma, then the year of completion and at last the school where it has been obtained. Regarding professional experience, you need to divide it into categories as well. Keep in mind that if your experiences fall into single one category, there is no need to try to divide them, as 1 cannot be divided by itself. Therefore, try to classify your experiences mentioning each time the position that has been occupied, the name of the company you have been working for and describe the duties you were carrying. You shall mention your hobbies and other diplomas if any at the end of the document.